Hosting Unforgettable Events

Special occasions like weddings and birthdays should be unique, memorable experiences, free from unnecessary stress. That’s why having access to suitable event space and catering services can make all the difference.


    Choose from our mouthwatering menu

    An event is incomplete without delicious food! Zamaan Bay Ridge provides catering services for all special occasions. You’ll get a unique and satisfying culinary experience to enhance your celebrations.

    Impress all in attendance with our diverse, mouthwatering menu and exceptional presentation.


    Event Space

    Are you looking for a beautiful and spacious venue for your event? Look no further than Zamaan Bay Ridge. Our event space will help you avoid hassle and enhance your experience. Make your special occasion more memorable with our top-notch amenities and carefully designed layouts.

    We can accommodate you and your guests whether you’re planning an elegant evening reception or a formal corporate event.

    Event Packages

    Special occasions require a lot of planning and preparation. Our team ensures everything goes smoothly and every detail is taken care of. We provide all the right touches to make your event truly special. 

    Create just the atmosphere desired for the celebration with exquisite lighting, comfortable seating, and other necessary equipment. Ask about our party packages today.

    Unparalleled Dining Experience

    Food is often a highlight of most events. It brings people together and provides lasting memories that continue long after the special occasion ends. Our dining philosophy combines taste, presentation, and sentiment.

    Consultations and Reservations

    Planning special occasions can be challenging and time-consuming. From finding the perfect event space to booking caterers, there is much to consider when putting together your special event. It’s essential to set up consultations and reservations beforehand to ensure your event fits your budget and meets your needs. Our team would be glad to discuss your vision and specifications with you.

    More About Us

    At Zaaman Bay Ridge, we take special occasions to the next level. Our professionals have been creating unforgettable experiences in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York. We assist with every aspect of planning and preparation and ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your event.


    Our dining rooms are fully furnished and equipped with a range of amenities. As for catering, we provide freshly cooked dishes served directly to your table. Our food and service quality will leave your guests talking weeks after the party has ended!

    Events Planned and Catered to Perfection

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